Edie’s Vaccine Pin Featured in the George-Anne

Georgia Southern Universities student newspaper, George-Anne featured Edie’s Vaccine pin project. CLICK HERE to read the story in the George-Anne.

GS student creates ‘V for Vaccinated’ pins to sell nationwide

One GS student’s small business went nationwide selling vaccination pins

Stephen Pennington, CEO, EGRMC with Edie Grice

Caitlin-Grace Daniels, Correspondent, George-Anne
April 15, 2021

Without a way to distinguish between the vaccinated and unvaccinated, a Georgia Southern student set out to make a change, designing enamel pins and selling them across the state and raising money for vaccine education.

A GS psychology student and art entrepreneur, Edie Grice, came up with a way for people to display to others if they have been vaccinated with her ‘V for Vaccinated’ enamel pins.

“The idea for my ‘V for Vaccinated’ pins came from a conversation I had with my dad where we discussed how will people know if someone has been vaccinated for COVID or not,” said Grice. “That inspired me to make something for people to wear after being vaccinated for COVID.” 

Credit: Edie Grice

“I wanted to make something that started a conversation and I also wanted to put my design on something that lasted, so I decided on enamel pins,” said Grice. “I want my pins to be a way to encourage others to share their vaccination story with their peers in hopes to cultivate authentic conversation about why they feel getting vaccinated is important.”

Working with Fred David, owner of The Marketing Department, Grice was able to bring her idea to life. 

“I’ve been wearing mine daily since I was vaccinated and I’ve had several people see my personal pin and ask about it,” said Fred David. “It’s an easy conversation opener about such an important topic, and isn’t that our overall goal? Educate, vaccinate and eradicate!”

Grice originally began selling her pins in Statesboro on GS’ campus. Now, they have made their way to the Georgia Capitol where state senators and representatives, including Gov. Brian Kemp, have met with Grice, where she was invited to talk about her “V for Vaccinated” pins. 

L-R: Representative Butch Parrish, Edie Grice, Governor Brian Kemp, Georgia State Senator Billy Hickman

Currently, The “V for Vaccinated” pins are now being sold nationwide in nearly 10 different states, including: California, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, Connecticut and Oklahoma.

“The V for Vaccinated pins benefit the clinics that the pins are sold in as well as help encourage vaccine education directly and through media like Grice Connect,” says Grice. “They also provide direct support to clinics and mass vaccine sites that have vaccinated over 3000 people in Georgia so far.”

The pins are sold for $5 each. More information and ordering can be found on Grice’s website.

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