Edie Grice is excited to share this new product with you, V for COVID Vaccinated lapel pins. Through this project, she hopes to increase awareness about the safety of the vaccine, inspire others to do their part by getting vaccinated and raise funds to support COVID vaccination events.

Edie is a Georgia Southern University Psychology major and a Georgia artist. She specializes in watercolor paintings, handlettering, and graphic design.

Making art has been a lifelong passion of Edie’s by during quarantine, she used the creation of art as an escape. She spent her time in quarantine painting scenes of places she wished she could travel to.

Edie was inspired to take her creative passions seriously after the sudden death of one of her close friends and fellow GS student Kathryn Mullins. Kathryn had a small business where she created and sold stickers. Days before her tragic death, she shared a new sticker idea with Edie, which was a self portrait. Edie felt led to finish the sticker Kathryn designed and sell them in her honor. Edie then donated the money raised by Kathryn’s sticker project to her church in her memory.

This was the beginning of “Edie Travels Art”. Edie’s work has been featured in galleries throughout Georgia. Her art is popular with individuals commissioning her to paint personal projects for them. “It was a dream come true to have people believe in my art enough to ask me to make something special for them and to help great causes at the same time,” said Edie.

Edie loves spending her days making beautiful things and working on projects with people to make their creative dreams come true. Visit her on Instagram or Facebook to see more of her art or to commission Edie for your own personal art project.

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V for Vaccinated Pins have helped...

  • Support Vaccine education directly and though media like Grice Connect. 
  • Provide direct support to clinics and mass vaccine sites that have vaccinated over 3k in Georgia. 
  • Provide hotel rooms for house fire victims who could not go to a shelter due to COVID. 

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