Edie Received Higgs-McCarter Active Citizenship Award

Edie received Active Citizenship award

The Higgs-McCarter Active Citizenship Award is one of the Georgia Southern University Leadership Awards which are presented annually. It is given each year at a Division of Student Affairs sponsored event hosted by the Office of Leadership and Community Engagement. These awards celebrate the many contributions Georgia Southern students, student organizations, and organization advisors have made to our university.

Edie Grice with the Higgs McCarter Active Citizenship Award

Edie Grice received the Higgs-McCarter Active Citizenship Award for stepping up to help her community during the COVID Pandemic. Edie created the “V for Vaccinated pin to encourage vaccination for COVID.

The Higgs-McCarter award is presented annually to a student who has demonstrated an exemplary commitment to their community through service with non-profit organizations.

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